Second Chances

I do believe that people change. Therefore I do give second chances. I do forgive. Because you know, if I love 100%… love will come my way to.

I always live by “have the eyes to see the best in people.”

How to go about a second chance is the real question. Do you have them prove themselves to you? Do you make it harder to have them meet expectations? Do you hold their hand through it all and help them build better habits? Do you put more effort in than you already are?

The constant battle between optimism and blunt logic can be tiring. Is being tired of wondering and worrying all of the time worth it? Depends how attached you are and how comforting it is to have them around. Its about asking yourself how far you are willing to go, and how far you are willing to justify things.

And it is true that once you give someone that chance, not only are they going to continue to think about themselves, but you will be more so preoccupied about thinking about them more than yourself that there is an imbalance.

One thing is for certain…

Giving someone a second chance, or many chances for that matter, compromises your stability in thought.


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