On the first day of conducting class, four quadrants were drawn on the board:

mind, body, spirit, voice.

According to Helen Kemp, a music educator who created these four quadrants, “it takes the whole person to sing and rejoice”.

I’m working on it, I guess.

Well, thats a lie. I get distracted easily. I get distracted by people mostly. I can procrastinate on other things until the last possible second like its a talent, but people I can’t ignore. That being said… Working on everything and everyone but me, is way easier than working on me.

How can someone possibly work on themselves and have the desire to consistently give? What if its never enough? And what if there really is a point in time where there won’t be anymore to give? I can do it, though. I’ve been doing it. I really love doing it too.

The best givers in the world have something or someone to patch up the holes they have so they can keep going. I would like to think that I have those “someone or somethings.” But why do I feel like there are pieces missing?

Inconsistency? I don’t really know.

And well, people are kind of like puzzles.

I know I’m on my way to finding all of my pieces, and I think I have most of them. Maybe I’m giving some of them away that I don’t realize I need for myself? Maybe I have some that I’m trying to squeeze into the spot that looks like its the right fit but isn’t? Maybe I know what the pieces are that are missing and I’m denying them because things will get complicated.

“it takes the whole person to sing and rejoice”

I am not whole.


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